X Survive MOD APK 1.60 (Money) + Data

4 months ago 27

Open world 3D sandbox that features the utmost fun of crafting and building mechanics waiting for you! Experience a life simulator in the open world where you can build a house with an amazing view, mine resources, use Sci-Fi tools and drive futuristic vehicles. Unleash your inner creative survival power. Craft your own dream base on abandoned planet X!

Play survival life simulator in 3D, all environments are interactive including furniture. Mine resources have never been so fun because you can dig using sci-fi terraforming tools. Sleep, eat, drink and rest, even play small mini games on your computer, but first build a house. It can be a simple shelter in the beginning but don’t stop, find more materials to craft and turn it into a futuristic base, use imagination and create a dream city!

Completely offline survival crafting and building game, your data stored on your phone and no Wi-Fi required to play.

Weather and time system bring a new level of hectic fun. Whether you fight like a lone wolf against wildness in survival mode or just building base in creative sandbox mode, there are always surprises waiting to be explored!

★ Offline game
★ Open world
★ 3D sandbox
★ Advanced life simulator
★ Futuristic blocks to build a house
★ Realistic physics
★ Fun driving
★ Simple crafting and building mechanic
★ Creative freedom
★ Mine and dig

500+ blocks to craft and build a house. Sci-Fi equipment will help to mine, fight and even dig. Vast landscape can be changed in many various ways, simple to find crafting materials, you will make a real impact.

“X Survive” is a unique open world 3D sandbox experience where you decide what adventure you want to take. Explore the open world, craft everything from the simple house to the grandest of castles or futuristic base. Find materials and produce weapons to fend off dangerous mobs as well as parts to build a house. Take care of your character like in a life simulator, create, explore and survive!

Come embark on a creative challenge today and show them what you could build! Post your design through the camera mode with hashtag #xsurvive and let your friends see how awesome you are!