Storyngton Hall (MOD, Unlimited Stars)

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Storyngton Hall is a match-three renovation game where players will learn the story of Jane’s family as they move into a new place. You will follow them and help them renovate the old house and wholly cluttered in the interior. At the same time, you can also go through many match-three levels with increasing challenges, and you will feel the urge to know the development in the game’s story.


Players will follow the journey of the character Jane Green’s family, and her father, mother, and her will go to the mansion they have just owned. They were surprised at the size it possessed, but its appearance was ancient when many leaves appeared. At the same time, the door to the mansion was also covered with leaves. So you will spend your time renovating it like new by cleaning out the unnecessary elements. When you come to the villa, you will also meet various characters.

The first character you meet in this game and in front of the gate of that mansion is Lady Wroth. This character is acquainted with Jane’s mother, but their relationship is not good. Specifically, Jane and her mother wore dresses with ordinary designs, so Lady Wroth thought they were servants of a noble. After talking for a while with Jane’s mother, she left soon after, and the whole family began to enter the mansion with a servant. You will be surprised at how messy it is.


When you see clutter, you will spend time making it more impressive, and Storyngton Hall will give you many requests for you to fulfill. Operations that change something will require a blue star resource, and you will find the to-do system. Tasks that you need to do will gradually appear continuously before your eyes; you will need to complete them to progress inside the plot and learn about Jane’s family life after arriving at the mansion.

The change isn’t too difficult to implement since you need to have enough resources that these operations require. So you will see the change of things when doing the renovation, and the factors of change are pretty diverse. Specifically, you can clear many leaves blocking the gate of the mansion, or you will be able to choose a nice outfit for Jane so that she can go to an event. You can also face specific challenges from the match-three game.


When you no longer have the blue star in Storyngton Hall, you click on request to renovate, and you will be taken to a match-three level. This level has gameplay that is entirely understandable because this is not new gameplay compared to many players. Specifically, each game screen will require collecting or disappearing a specific element. You will try to make your match within a limit of turn. These two elements will gradually become more difficult as you reach higher levels.

When it comes to a match-three game, unique elements created from many match elements are indispensable. You can’t deny the valuable points it gives players because it will save many turns when many parts disappear in the specified range. At the same time, the number of these elements is entirely diverse, and it gives richness to the players’ strategy and makes them think carefully.