Rush Royale (MOD, Free Rewards)

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Rush Royale – Tower Defense is one of the games in the genre of defense and combat strategy games that are well designed and released for mobile users. Players control warriors, mages, and many other combat forces to attack and defeat the enemies invading your area. Defend the castle thoroughly and kill many other enemies on the map. They are trying to attack your area, so stand up and fight to defeat them.


The leading player is the one who controls the warriors, magicians, and many other forces to protect the castle, deploy tactics to fight and destroy the invaders. A strong hope with a desire to fight against the fierce enemies invading the castle, using the skills and strength of your army. Signs of the beginning of the battle, such as the rain of arrows and colorful rockets, are used flexibly throughout the fierce battles.

Your typically mighty army is prepared to battle any enemy thanks to a truly unique combination of reasonably defensive gameplay and massive army strength. Recruit and train the most powerful warriors, equipping them with a range of skills and spells, and rationalize the army to defeat the enemy rapidly. Then, use various strategies, types of coordination, and mobilization of troops to conduct large-scale attacks on the map, maintain strongholds, and push away vicious enemies.


In a well-built PvP defense game, players try to organize their forces to deploy tactics to repel the fierce onslaught of the enemy quickly. The images of warriors, magicians, or other roles are portrayed very nicely and impressively by us, with clear lines and bright colors. The areas players protect are well-designed and eye-catching; the spacious and realistic map makes players even more excited when on duty.

The sound of battle in the battle is inserted quite vividly, the background sound is vivid, along with the sounds of shooting, archery, and fire launching are illustrated visually. Enemies fiercely attack your castle with various weapons and fighting methods, sounding massive force of invading enemies. Use the spells of the warriors, improve your fighting skills and establish wise tactics.


The commander’s in-game tactics are enhanced, diverse and well-organized tactics are prioritized, other enemies can’t anticipate your attacks. Arrange your warrior force formations, launch multiple attacks and continuously spawn enemies that cannot be dodged. Properly use warriors and magicians in each different battle to make the most of their abilities. Constantly upgrade your soldier characters to enhance your defense and destroy the evil invaders.

Download the game to your phone right away; the science of defense and assault gameplay, in general, is certainly summed up in the game in a major way. With this game, you can mostly devise strategies. For the most part, plan and rationally arrange warriors to boost battle effectiveness in the expectation that the program can generally receive several favorable feedbacks from users. Feedback is critical, primarily support and mostly comments, for us to literally better the game a lot more and kind of a lot more.