Jellipop Match MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Jellipop Match poster

Jellipop Match is a match-three game. You will collect jelly drops and go further in a sweet candy journey within the colorful jelly kingdom. With sweet surprises in every corner, you will discover a mystery in every region of the Jelly Kingdom. Whether you love the fun of brain teasers or are looking for a fun way to relax, Jellipop Match provides high-quality entertainment experiences that satisfy your requirements.

Also, Jellipop Match has just launched a hot update, adding in the game many new game modes. There are lots of strange candies and attractive weekly tournaments. For gamers who have never heard of the name Jellipop Match, it is a three-way puzzle game that the player is tasked with helping Alicia. She is a little girl who is trying to prevent the evil forces from destroying the kingdom by exploding candy to scare her away.

Jellipop Match owns over 400 challenging levels and 20 unique game modes, allowing players to choose. Besides, there are many quests, adventures in mysterious dungeons, and weekly combat events that keep players busy.

General Information

The new update for Jellipop Match brings a lot of content to this sweet candy blockbuster. Notably, there is the new weekly fight event where players have quickly found marshmallows before your friends do this. Besides, there is no shortage of new game modes, such as Jelly Gorgers, which require players to find little friends who can help ward off the evil witch. The Bubble Gum mode requires players to create and explode bubbles. The idea of ​​creating these modes originated from the predecessor’s Jam Mode and Pale Clover in the game. It forces the player to blast jelly candies to complete the level or collect lucky leaves.

Jellipop Match is a match-three game that takes players on an adventure in the colorful jelly world. Your task in Jellipop Match is to match three candies in a row to collect jelly drops and go further in the journey. Jellipop Match tells the story of a little girl who inherited a lovely town called Jelly Town. It used to be a thriving place before an evil witch destroyed it.

As the heir, she must have brought the town back to its former heyday. In the game, you will show off your design skills by completing exciting match-three levels, uncover the hidden secrets of the story, unlock hundreds of stylish furniture, and run your shop with friends in town.

Master the steps and match over three candies to get more helpful boosters. Use jelly spoons, cross bombs, freshwater, and other magical boosters to go even further in the game. Jellipop Match offers many additional features, game modes, and battles for you to explore. Go on adventure in the jelly kingdom alone or compete for the highest score with friends and other players.

Key Features

The red envelope version of Jellipop Match brings you a lot of sweetness, delicious candy overflows the screen. It is waiting for you to come here to pick it up with gorgeous levels and colorful candy to make people feel happy here with your friends. The more you play, the happier you will be.

The level created by candy canes is incomparably dreamy. And you can feel the deliciousness of the candies at your fingertips, making people uncontrollable. Novel levels, different theme challenges, free play, and the use of props can help you easily complete the level. You will receive daily rewards, challenge successfully within a certain period, and receive a surprise red envelope, which is simply delightful. There are many rewards. If you are stuck, you can click on the items to help you smooth the way with no pressure.

Lucky turntable draws and red envelopes are also on show. Be sure to come here and feel it. Use your finger to swipe the screen. With fantastic level settings and all candy rewards, you will be in a good mood all day. Do not miss it! Eliminate the competition with your friends to see who has higher scores. Better eyesight and faster reaction speed are very exciting.

Everyone comes to eliminate the candies and feel the sweetness in it. It is very exciting and there are more tasks for you. The simple operation makes your life more joyful. We exchange red envelopes for rewards with surprises. It is so comfortable to eliminate together.

How to Play Jellipop Match

Jellipop Match is a super fun, casual red envelope game. They design the game with a lot of levels. It is a new and exciting decompression fun and eliminates the need to make a reasonable breakthrough. The more you eliminate, it will be more rewarding.

There will be a lot of irregular candies in the game. So, start your wonderful adventure and challenging journey. In our extreme mode, the game tasks are easily presented to users. Form a variety of original connections and successfully eliminate them to experience the charm of going through levels. The level made of candy canes is extremely dreamy. And you can feel the deliciousness of the candies at your fingertips that make people uncontrollable.

Novel levels, different theme challenges, free play, and the use of props can help you complete the level. You will receive daily rewards, challenge successfully within a certain period, and receive a surprise red envelope that is simply delightful. There are so many candies of different shapes. These candies are waiting for the players to eliminate. Of course, the corresponding elimination rules are also very simple and easy to use.

The game is completely free, simple, and easy to use. So, players of any age can get relevant fun with exclusive match-three gameplay. On this basis, the official has added a special combo setting, so that everyone’s elimination becomes very skillful. Use special props such as the use of thrusters. This prop can help you speed up the elimination. And the corresponding can also allow you to get higher scores. With many achievements, these achievements can help you become a real elimination master.

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Final Words

Jellipop Match is a cute and cute casual match-three game. Each level in the game will bring a new cookie friend and a new challenge. Players need to collect as many stars as possible in the game. To get the sweetest reward, welcome to download and experience.

Since the game is mainly targeted at Western Europe as its primary target market, we set it to the simple, intuitive, and casual match-three puzzle gameplay. It allows players to focus on the fun of the game and enjoy the most casual and entertaining puzzle-solving fun.