Formulia (MOD, Premium Unlocked)

5 months ago 44

Formulia is a useful application for many people working in science as they can find many valuable formulas and tools. They can use this feature anywhere they want with absolutely stunning detail. At the same time, there will always be helpful tools for users to use besides the formulas. In addition, in this updated version, the formulas, atoms, and information about them have become detailed so that users can absorb new knowledge.


In the new version of Formulia, users will find further information added, and it is beneficial for many people, especially those who work with formulas. Besides the periodic table of inorganic chemistry, users can also straightforwardly find information about organic substances. At the same time, atomic structures have also been added to the application to supplement the previous statement about atoms and help learners have a more intuitive view.

An exciting feature in this application is that the physical formulas that you can find easily. Besides the formulas of the physical categories, you can now find new concepts of these categories. That helps you have a better overview of new knowledge and apply it in practice or research activities quickly and correctly. So, this is a tool that you cannot ignore.


In Formulia, you will find a lot of beneficial knowledge with various information of different fields such as math, physics, chemistry, and many other supporting tools. So, if you are a person who works with formulas a lot, this is the perfect tool to help you look up what you need quickly. At the same time, these contents are designed in a thoroughly detailed way where you can discover what you did not know.


One of the features that any user will love about Formulia is that they can use and look up the formulas anytime they want. In other words, this application does not require an internet connection, and you have free access to helpful information. Simultaneously, each field has a variety of content and support tools for ease of use. For example, in chemistry, you can find the periodic table and learn its elements.